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What do we pass on?

Do children inherit their parents values along with their money? Sue Gilbert interviews three generations of her upper-class American family about their lifestyles, comparing viewpoints on wealth, class, religion, marriage, and politics. A sequel to her award-winning documentary Greenway (1982), Beyond Greenaway: the Legacy is a fascinating, cultural snapshot told from an insider's perspective.

Awards & Accolades

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Awards & Accolades

A "reality" trip into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Beyond Greenaway reveals the pleasures, pitfalls and responsibilities of wealth with sensitivity, humor and fine filmmaking skills. Whether you're rich, poor or in-between, you'll gain from watching this wonderful film.

- John de Graaf, co-producer, AFFLUENZA and other PBS documentaries

A wonderful, utterly irresistible piece of film-making that had me pressing the PLAY button the moment it was over. A fascinating glimpse into one of America's wealthy families.  


- Christopher Buckley, author of “The White House Mess” and other satirical novels

In her films and in person, you quickly sense Sue Gilbert’s generosity of spirit.  Sharing her family’s unique experiences and perspectives, she tells a fascinating story filled with interesting individuals who live in a world of rare privilege.  Where many people in her position might prefer to hide while the rest of the world harbors preconceptions, Sue bravely and meaningfully fosters understanding across class and other divides.

- Lance Rhoades, Program Director, Mercer Island Arts Council Classics on Film

 I quite enjoyed your film. There was a sweetness and compassion to it that’s rare and hard to achieve when a writer or filmmaker reflects on family members with (in the case of your parents) such a profoundly different view of the world.

          It was also fascinating to me, of course, to imagine these tensions playing out on the same island where the people I wrote about had lived half a century earlier. 

- Adam Hochschild, author of "Rebel Cinderella: From Rags to Riches, the Epic Journey of Rose Pastor Stokes" 

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